Our Story

An Approachable Police Presence 

 The Manchester Police Mounted Patrol was founded in 1998 by Chief Driscoll.

The idea behind returning to a Mounted Patrol was to help bring the community and the police together.


If you have ever been present when Mounted Patrol is around, you can see first hand how many people approach and interact with the Police Officers.  Much different from an officer in a cruiser.

The original riders were Jim Ahearn,      Bob Gurskis and Clark Karolian. 

The unit started with two Thoroughbreds retired from Suffock Downs.  These horses were replaced by two Canadian Draft's named Shorty and Amigo.  The name Shorty came from Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse who donated the money to purchase the horse.  Amigo was named through a contest with the elementary schools in the city.  

The riders have been changed throughout the years.  Kevin Kincaid, Scott Tardiff, Todd Boucher, Mark Lachance, Fred Gillis, and Paul Rondeau.  


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