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Friends of the Manchester Mounted Patrol

"No machinery of the law can evoke the response from the public won by the police horse"

       - Winston Churchill

Friends of the Manchester Mounted Unit is a non profit organization set up to support the mounted unit of the Manchester New Hampshire Police Department

Friends of the Manchester Mounted Patrol at a Glance

A Bit of Background

     The horses and riders of the Mounted Patrol focus their patrols in the downtown area of Manchester and the city parks.  The horses are an excellent way to interact with the public and provide an approachable police presence.  
    Patrolling on horseback allows officers to access places a cruiser may not be able to go, such as wooded trails, sidewalks or small alleyways.  Just like a walking beat, it allows officers to be out of a cruiser and directly involved with the public. Being up on a horse also allows a different vantage point so that we can see a bigger picture, while also being easier for the public to see us. The Mounted Patrol maintains all functions of a Law Enforcement Officer.

Meet the Horses

General Stark, Bruno & Eddy


General Stark

General Stark is a 17 year old Clydesdale cross gelding.  General has been with the Manchester Mounted Patrol for about 7 years.  Be sure to check out General's unique moustache when you meet him!





Bruno is an 9 year old Percheron cross gelding.  Bruno started with the Mounted Patrol in 2021.  Bruno has a personality as big as he is!

Milly is a mini horse loaned to us for the use of our new comfort pony. Milly is the newest and by far the cutest member of our team.  Being smaller, Milly will be able to go to schools and nursing homes to visit, provide comfort and educate the community.  


Connecting with the Community

Contact the Manchester Mounted Patrol Team

405 Valley St
Manchester, NH 03103


Follow us on FaceBook:

Friends of the Manchester Mounted Patrol

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