Friends of the Manchester Mounted Patrol

"No machinery of the law can evoke the response from the public won by the police horse"

       - Winston Churchill

Friends of the Manchester Mounted Unit is a non profit organization set up to support the mounted unit of the Manchester New Hampshire Police Department


Friends of the Manchester Mounted Patrol at a Glance

A Bit of Background

The horses and riders of the Mounted Patrol, focuses their patrols in the downtown area of Manchester and the parks.  The horses are an excellent way to interact with the public, as an approachable police presence.  
The Mounted Patrol is another form of transportation, for the officers, allowing them to access to places a cruiser may not be able to go.  The Mounted Patrol maintains the functions of Police Officers, making car stops, writing summonses, or making arrests.

Meet the Horses

Valor and General Stark

Valor 3.jpg


Valor is a 17 year old Percheron Gelding.  He has been with the Mounted Patrol for 13 years.  Valor is 18 hands high, and weighs 2,000 pounds!

Valor is missing his right eye, after a catastrophic injury to the eye, and had to be surgically removed.  Valor is not bothered by only having one eye, and is still on patrol.

General Stark

General Stark is a Clydesdale cross.  General is 12 years old, 16 hands high and weighs 1,500 pounds.  General has been it the Mounted Patrol for 6 years.


Connecting with the Community

Contact Friends of the Manchester Mounted Patrol

405 Valley St
Manchester, Hillsborough County 03103




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